Sunday, June 2, 2013

summer blooms

Hi there!

I hope you're all enjoying the beginning of summer (or winter, for friends in the Southern Hemisphere) and staying safe through all the crazy weather we've been having lately!  Thank you all so much for the many sweet comments and emails I've received after I posted about my new apartment and new job.  You guys are so sweet.  ♥  Everything's going really well.  I love my new job, and living in my dream apartment is... well, it's like a dream come true.  The kitties love it here, too-- they spend their days lounging on the windowsills, watching birds fly by and watching ships and tugboats on the bay.  

Today I'd like to share a few photos that I took at the Highline a few weeks ago.

high line nyc 
I love the simplicity of these white flowers-- and the undersides of their petals are pink!

new york highline park 

highline flowers 

spring flowers 

highline nyc flowers
It is so wonderful to be back in the city every day for work, close to so many of my favorite places and enjoying the bustling energy of New York, and I love going home to my quiet, calm apartment in the evenings.

How have you all been?  I'm so behind on blog-reading!  I'm going to make some refreshing mint iced tea and catch up.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!