Monday, October 31, 2011

♥ happy halloween! ♥

happy halloween lovelies!

I'm celebrating by sharing some of my favorite vintage halloween illustrations.

I'm also celebrating by having apple-cinnamon tea and a pumpkin-iced cupcake from two of my residents.  aren't they the sweetest?

what are you doing for halloween?  if you're dressing up, what are you going to be?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

pumpkin patch ♥

decorated mini-pumpkins on my windowsill

Friday, October 28, 2011

fill-in-the-blank friday

via the little things we do

1.   When I was a kid I wanted to be a fashion designer when I grew up.  I guess I never really got over that because in 8 months I'll be graduating from FIT.  Woooo!

2.   As an adult, my dream job would be: designing for Anthropologie or Tracy Reese.

3.  When I was younger I wanted to be just like: my brother.  In fact, when he got his hair cut a few days before Christmas one year when we were maybe 6 and 8, I thought it was just the coolest thing, so I gave myself a little makeover, too.  We had some interesting Christmas pictures that year.

4. The childhood Halloween costume that I remember most was when I was : oooh, I've always loved dressing up for Halloween... I was a gypsy one year, which was fun.  I was also a princess, I wore a pink velvet dress.  My favorite costumes were ones I made my junior and senior years of high school, though.  I was a flower fairy and Little Bo Peep.  But not, like, 'sexy' Little Bo Peep.  I wore a hoop skirt and everything.  I've never really been into the 'sexy' Halloween costumes.  JG made a very funny post of some especially ridiculous ones, though.

5.  My favorite childhood toy was: my dollhouse.  I made so many things for it, little polymer clay foods, and ladles from copper fasteners, things like that.  It was so much fun. My mom came home from the library book sale one day with someone's entire collection of Nutshell News (referred to by my dad as 'Nuthouse News'), a magazine from the 1970s and 1980s devoted just to dollhouses, and after that I was unstoppable in my creation of lilliputian homewares.

6.  I get daily inspiration from reading blogs and looking at art.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

happy autumn ♥

It's been autumn for quite some time now, but it's finally starting to feel like it here in Manhattan.

22nd St. on an autumn evening

Friday, October 21, 2011

fill-in-the-blank friday ♥

via the little things we do

1.   Nothing says fall like: crisp granny-smith apples and having a cold nose after walking outside.

2.   My favorite autumnal tradition is: when my mom either sends or gives me a mini-pumpkin for my room.  This year's is on my desk right now.

3.  My favorite fall treat is: apple pie!  Only when my mom makes it, though.

4. Fall makes me think of  being home  because it makes me vividly remember coming off the school bus, walking down the driveway, and coming through the front door.  There was a wave of heat from the woodstove, and the house always smelled good because my mom was awesome with the after-school snacks.

5.  Autumn free form word association, go! leaves, pumpkins, corduroy.

6.  My go-to outfit in the fall is a dress, a cardigan, tights, and either ballet flats or boots.

7.  My favorite fall holiday is (Halloween or Thanksgiving) : Halloween!  What's not to love about a holiday centered around dressing up and chocolate?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

pastoral symphony

very inspired by Fred Moore's design sketches for the centaurettes in Disney's Fantasia.

Friday, October 14, 2011

fill-in-the-blank friday ♥

via the little things we do

1.   The most selfless thing I've ever done was:  Hmm... I think I'm going to leave this one blank, I think it kind of defeats the purpose of being selfless if you go bragging about it.

2.   When it comes to working out I dread going to the fitness center, but I'm always glad once I'm actually there, and it makes me very energetic afterward.  It's especially fun if there's something good on the little TV attached to the ellipticals-- my favorites are Ace of Cakes (so that I'm running toward cake for 40 minutes, it is by far the most effective way to get me to go faster... y'know, like the carrot that gets dangled in front of a horse to make it go), 1970s Family Fued episodes, and anything on SyFy.  And as for yoga, I haven't had time lately, but I'm making myself find time because it makes me so much more relaxed.  I feel old and out of alignment after not doing it for a few weeks.

3.  A woman should always: keep in mind that she deserves happiness and to be treated well.  A bad boyfriend/girlfriend is not better than no boyfriend/girlfriend at all.

4. I wish I could learn by osmosis and then I'd sleep with my French and Art History books under my pillow.

5.  A best friend is someone who is there for you no matter what.  When Marissa and I went to see the latest Harry Potter movie, it got to the scene where all the knights are coming to life to protect the castle, and Harry gets to see his parents, and I just lost it.  It was only a few weeks after I lost my dad.  Marissa held my head into her shoulder and let me cry until I was out of tears.  I can't wait to see her in a few weeks, yaaaay!

6.  I can't get enough of: these rainy, misty New York days.  I'm generally much more into sunshine, but there's something so cozy about being in my room or at 'Snice, tea in hand, doing homework and listening to the sound of cars swooshing through puddles.

7.  This weekend I am doing lots of homework, and drinking lots of tea.

Monday, October 10, 2011

in stitches (nyuck nyuck nyuck)

So, in my boys boys boys post, I talked about a bunch of my celebrity crushes, but I left out one of the most long-standing ones:

Ira Glass.

Yes, the Ira Glass from NPR.  For years I had no idea what he looked like, just that he hosted This American Life, my favorite radio show, and that I found the way he spoke-- the slight stutter, the thoughtful pauses, the occasional giggle-- completely charming.

I'm in the midst of some sewing that will probably take into the wee hours of the morning (hence my oh-so-witty post title), and I'm using the time to catch up on back episodes of This American Life.  And I came across this episode of the WTF podcast, in which Ira is interviewed.  I had to share it even though I have less than no time to be writing this.  It's very, very funny (and now the girls in my hallway probably think I've lost it, laughing up a storm, by myself, for no ostensible reason).  It's not exactly child-friendly or work-friendly, though.  So don't listen to it if you're a child.  Or at work.  Or at work in a place with children.  You get the idea.

Back to the sewing machine for me!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

little red ♥

Between getting caught in the rain at least three times in a week and a half and Anthropologie's amazing outerwear sale, I thought it was a good time to get something I've been pining after for weeks...

....the Heritage Raincoat from Anthropologie.  I mentioned here that I was going to go try it on to see if it was worth all the obsessing I was doing, which I didn't actually do because I was afraid I would fall madly in love with it and then it would never go on sale and I would never get it.  Turns out that was a good decision, because I did fall madly in love with it.  Yay!  Even though it's technically a raincoat, it's waxed cotton instead of anything plastic-y, so it's functioning as my fall coat, too.  The pockets are lined with the butterfly-print flannel, too, so they're nice and cozy.

because who doesn't love an awkward mirror picture?

I'm not usually one for posting photos of outfits, but I wanted to show how it looks on a person rather than how it looks in the website photo.  It's an a-line coat in a thick-ish fabric, so belting it like a trench makes it look weirdly bulky.  I like tying the belt in the back instead, it's much more flattering.  Plus it makes me feel like the girl in this beautiful illustration...

'March' from a John Updike calendar, illustrated by Nancy Ekholm Burkert

Speaking of trenchcoats, I have one that needs a new home.  It's the Classic Case Jacket from, by Jack by BB Dakota (no longer available on Modcloth).

I love it, but the shoulders are too narrow for me.  Worn once, in perfect condition, and I still have the included replacement button.

Size L
Length 35"
Chest 37"
Waist 34"
Free-size hip
Fully lined
Originally $89.99 on Modcloth

$45 including shipping, $40 if you're in New York City and don't need it shipped
If you're interested, drop me a line at

Hope everyone's having a fantastic weekend and enjoying the beautiful fall weather!

Friday, October 7, 2011

fill-in-the-blank friday!

via the little things we do

1.   Something popular that I can't stand/just don't "get" is : the "Real Housewives" shows.  Admittedly, I've never watched more than a few minutes of any of them, but it just seems like glorification of women with too much time on their hands and more money than sense.

2.   Something unpopular that I secretly love is: ...hmmm... is anything really unpopular anymore?  Especially in New York.  No matter how bizarre something is, you can still find a bunch of people that like it.

3.  When I've had a bad day I: take a nap, text Marissa, and/or have a good cry.

4. I'd prefer going out for breakfast  to  going out for dinner   any day.

5.  Something that makes me nervous is: the thought that maybe after having been very in love twice, I'm out of chances.  Eek.

6.  Something worth fighting for is:  I don't think I can say this any better than Sam.

And now I'm all teary.  Oh jeez.

7.  When people think of me, I hope they think: of me as kind and fun, and that they don't need to put up a front around me.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

boys boys boys

Have I talked at all about the dating situation here at my school?  Well...let's see... the word 'dire' comes to mind.  Along with 'hopeless' and 'nonexistent.'  No, seriously, it's 88% female.  So when my mom and I were walking back from a bar on Saturday night-- which made me feel like kind of a badass, actually, even though it was 8:30 on a Saturday night and the only drink I had was a Shirley Temple, and, oh yeah, I was with my mom-- anyway, we didn't have any boys to talk about.

So we turned to the only dating pool I have left:


Here are a few options we came up with and our.... varied opinions on them.

Robert Downey Jr.

me:  Ooooh.  He's just scruffy enough and he has those crinkly eye-corners that I like.  And he looks really good in glasses.

Mom:  He's too old, and his face looks too soft.  And on Perez Hilton he was named one of Hollywood's most frequent trouble-makers.  He's a loser.

me:  No he's not, here, I'll show you a picture.  ....aaaaand that's a mugshot.  Anyway.

Eddie Argos

(singer of Art Brut)

Me:   Yes, always, yes, forever.

Mom: Yes.

Jasper Future

(guitar/ "stage craft" of Art Brut)

Me:  What?  No.  That would be like dating Gumby.

Mom:  True.

Kevin Spacey

Me: Adorable.  I've had a crush on him ever since I saw him in K-Pax when I was, like, ten.

Mom:  Adorable, but way too old for you.  And isn't he gay?


Darren Criss

Me:  (incoherent babbling)

Mom:  Who?

Zachary Quinto

Me: ...I just really like Vulcans.

...needless to say, I am not getting very far on any of these relationships.

Who are your celebrity crushes?  Yay for comments! (hint, hint)

Monday, October 3, 2011

from the weekend

Hi lovelies!  As I mentioned, my wonderful mom came to the city for a long weekend.  It was so much fun!  We met up with my super-fantastically-awesome cousin Kaleigh for some of our wandering around on Friday...

...and here are a few of the things we encountered.

adorable sign for a store that I always mean to go in but somehow never d0... note to self: go into store when next in the West Village.

view from the High Line

hummus, falafel, and pitas from Hummus Place- my mom and I both opted for the hummus with mushrooms.  which is incredibly delicious.

angry robot building-topper guy!  grrrr!

pretty color-arranged music books at the Julliard bookstore

It was so great to have some family time.  I can't wait to see my mom and Kaleigh again.  Yay!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

fill-in-the-blank sunday ♥

via the little things we do

1.   My current obsession is: season 7 of The Office, because it just became available on Netflix Instant!   yaaaaaaay!

2.Spending the weekend with my mom  made me happy.  What a wonderful weekend.  But more about that soon.

3. My life is a pretty happy place to be.  (My answers are so lame today!  Sorry guys.)

4.  In high school I was: a flower child/ art kid/ honors student/ chorus kid.  Basically.  Oh, high school, I do not miss you at all.

5.When I'm super tired I get the giggles.