Monday, October 10, 2011

in stitches (nyuck nyuck nyuck)

So, in my boys boys boys post, I talked about a bunch of my celebrity crushes, but I left out one of the most long-standing ones:

Ira Glass.

Yes, the Ira Glass from NPR.  For years I had no idea what he looked like, just that he hosted This American Life, my favorite radio show, and that I found the way he spoke-- the slight stutter, the thoughtful pauses, the occasional giggle-- completely charming.

I'm in the midst of some sewing that will probably take into the wee hours of the morning (hence my oh-so-witty post title), and I'm using the time to catch up on back episodes of This American Life.  And I came across this episode of the WTF podcast, in which Ira is interviewed.  I had to share it even though I have less than no time to be writing this.  It's very, very funny (and now the girls in my hallway probably think I've lost it, laughing up a storm, by myself, for no ostensible reason).  It's not exactly child-friendly or work-friendly, though.  So don't listen to it if you're a child.  Or at work.  Or at work in a place with children.  You get the idea.

Back to the sewing machine for me!

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