Thursday, October 6, 2011

boys boys boys

Have I talked at all about the dating situation here at my school?  Well...let's see... the word 'dire' comes to mind.  Along with 'hopeless' and 'nonexistent.'  No, seriously, it's 88% female.  So when my mom and I were walking back from a bar on Saturday night-- which made me feel like kind of a badass, actually, even though it was 8:30 on a Saturday night and the only drink I had was a Shirley Temple, and, oh yeah, I was with my mom-- anyway, we didn't have any boys to talk about.

So we turned to the only dating pool I have left:


Here are a few options we came up with and our.... varied opinions on them.

Robert Downey Jr.

me:  Ooooh.  He's just scruffy enough and he has those crinkly eye-corners that I like.  And he looks really good in glasses.

Mom:  He's too old, and his face looks too soft.  And on Perez Hilton he was named one of Hollywood's most frequent trouble-makers.  He's a loser.

me:  No he's not, here, I'll show you a picture.  ....aaaaand that's a mugshot.  Anyway.

Eddie Argos

(singer of Art Brut)

Me:   Yes, always, yes, forever.

Mom: Yes.

Jasper Future

(guitar/ "stage craft" of Art Brut)

Me:  What?  No.  That would be like dating Gumby.

Mom:  True.

Kevin Spacey

Me: Adorable.  I've had a crush on him ever since I saw him in K-Pax when I was, like, ten.

Mom:  Adorable, but way too old for you.  And isn't he gay?


Darren Criss

Me:  (incoherent babbling)

Mom:  Who?

Zachary Quinto

Me: ...I just really like Vulcans.

...needless to say, I am not getting very far on any of these relationships.

Who are your celebrity crushes?  Yay for comments! (hint, hint)


  1. I'm completely in love with Jensen Ackles. I mean, he got married fairly recently, but that's a SMALL detail....isn't it?

    Joseph Gordon-Levit? 'Nough said.

    And if you don't end up sweeping Robert Downey Jr off his feet, I'll be more than happy to step in. ;)

  2. Lol. K-Pax. Lol.
    Maybe you should take a trip to see Amanda. Her school is 88% male.
    I could see you with Darren Criss.

  3. Adrian Brody. I am sure that I am one of the few people with this crush but whatever!

    Josh Radnor from How I met your mother.

    Matthew Thiessen from Relient K.

    I'm told I have bad taste in boys :o

  4. [...] in my boys boys boys post, I talked about a bunch of my celebrity crushes, but I left out one of the most long-standing [...]

  5. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I forgot about the K-Pax thing!!! Those were the days. ....88% male? oh my gosh. Don't even tempt me. And thank you! :D yesssss. Now we just have to get him to ask me out. ....And, y'know, get him to know I exist. :P


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