Monday, May 11, 2015

hand-tied bouquet

Hi there!

I've always loved flowers-- I grew up spending a lot of time outside, and when I was in college, I went up to the High Line almost every week to get a little time with nature.  Flowers have always been a huge influence on my fashion design work, too.  I recently enrolled in a floral design class on Nicole's Classes, taught by Chelsea Fuss of the lovely Frolic! blog.  Today I'd like to share the first assignment with you!

The first assignment was to make a hand-tied bouquet.  The flowers I chose for my bouquet were yellow and pink ranunculus, purple mini-carnations, pink spray roses, yellow freesia, white waxflower, and spirea.  

hand tied bouquet flowers ranunculus roses
I wanted my bouquet to look lush, but maintain a fresh, garden-y feeling, so I also put in a few unopened buds from the carnations.  The wispy waxflower and slightly wild-looking eucalyptus, as well as the curvy spirea, also give the bouquet a more organic look.

hand tied bouquet flowers ranunculus rose

I had purchased enough flowers for a couple bouquets-- here is the second one.  I was especially pleased with the pink ranunculus in this bouquet- I love how full and round they look! 
hand tied bouquet

 After about a week, some of my flowers were starting to look a little worse for wear, so I took out the ones that still looked fresh and rearranged them into this cute little row of mason jars.  
flowers in mason jars ranunculus

ranunculus pink

yellow ranunculus

I'm currently in the third week of the class and absolutely loving it.  It's so soothing and lovely and inspiring to be working with beautiful, natural forms and textures.  I can't wait to share more of my floral design work with you!