Saturday, April 25, 2009

Whaddya know!

Wow, it's been a while.  Since I got back to school after spring break it's been positively nutty around here.  But lots of stuff has been getting done!  First up:  some schoolwork.

Here's a figure in a "slim satin bias dress with beaded embellishment" which was the assignment.

Her hair is done in eye shadow, as is her skin.  She is a foxy lady.

After that, we were assigned a figure in a velvet top and a BIG satin skirt.  The BIG satin skirt made me very happy.

I liked her pockets.  And, luckily enough, so did my professor!  Woohoo!

There have been other assignments, too, such as my GIANT PROJECT, my military-inspired outerwear project.  Which I forgot to take pictures of before handing in.  Nicely done.  But!    Now the suspense is on.  I'll post pictures when I get it back.  It came out pretty well, all things considered. :)

The next project for Fashion Art and Design is our eveningwear project.  The theme for the class is "Queen Victoria Meets The Muse," and we each had to pick our own muse for the collection.  I chose Amelie, from the movie Amelie, played to perfection by Audrey Tautou.  I got the movie out of the school library last Saturday morning, and I've watched it 8 times in the week since.  I want to know it by heart so that I feel like I'm designing clothes for a close friend instead of an imaginary person. Here are my fabrics (though I can only use 12 of them eventually). 


Soooo, last week, I engaged in a little retail therapy.  I had to, okay?  I CAN STOP WHENEVER I WANT!!!  :D  Anyway, I went to H+M to no avail, and then I went to my old stand-by, Charlotte Russe.  I'd already picked out this dress to include in my next blog entry, and I ended up buying it, because it is just.  So.  Cute!

Obviously, I had to get a sweater to go with it.  And earrings.  And a bracelet.  And a belt.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find pictures of the sweater or bracelet.  So I'll just take a picture next time I wear them.


This last week was a hard one.  From here until I leave school for the summer, on May 18th, it's going to be pretty stressful, and I kinda had a meltdown this week.  It felt like everyone else was thriving off the insanity that is second semester fashion design at FIT, and I was the only person falling apart, though I now know that's not the case.  I was ready to transfer schools and major in English, because, well... who really wants to be crying for an hour every day?  It's a drag.  But after several agonizing days, a really sweet ukulele performance (though not by me), some unexpected support, and some not-so-great feedback on my transferring idea, things eased up. Or I adjusted my attitude.  Or both. Either way, I'm feeling much better about things.  Here's to finding comfort in the most unlikely of places.  Thanks guys. :)


Things I Collect:

  • Sylvanian Families figures:  

  • Anything  Alf

  • yarn

  • journals

  • pens

  • Sanrio stuff

  • and soon:  vintage teacups!


When I went home for Spring Break, I forgot the cord that makes my camera attach to my computer, so no uploading for me!  But now that I'm back... Lots of pictures!!!

Went to my brother's college, and was very comforted to see this in a construction area. :P

And some other pictures from that day...

Pictures of my street taken out the window of the car

Some fliers...  flyers...  posters currently hanging in the Honesdale Public Library.

The smiley face totally makes it.


And, of course, EASTER!

My basket... cutest parents ever.

Our Easter eggs have a tendancy to be a little... unusual.

Dyed For Your Sins.

Gathered satin skirt egg? !  Why yes.

Aren't they festive?


What I've Been Listening To Lately!

  • Black Pus, discovered when they opened for Ratatat Tuesday night.

  • Amelie soundtrack

  • Cherish The Ladies, since I saw them at Lafayette.

  • Scarface : Please Excuse My Attitude

  • Wicked soundtrack

  • Newsies soundtrack

  • She And Him: Sweet Darlin', Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?, Black Hole


And now, back to my chiffon!

<3 Julie


  1. Ohyay! New post! And a very good one, at that.

    Many pretty fabrics for Amelie project. Can't believe you've watched it 8 times though...

    Lovely dress! All this good weather and happy people with springtime clothes makes me feel...under dressed? I've never seen so many dresses and skirts before.

    If they made carpenter jeans in pretty floral designs, I'd probably be tempted to buy a pair.

    I spell it "fliers." Might just be an Asian thing, though.

    Awesome eggs!

  2. AMEEELLLIIIEE! I totally understand how you could have watched it 8 times--there are so many little things to question, like why that dramatic light appears after Amelie walks the man down the Still don't know.

    And the soundtrack, oi vei, it's beautiful! I've been listening to Yann Tiersen for a few years now so if you're really keen on him I can get you a bajillion of his songs!!! :D

    And Honesdale OF COURSE would have a Pro-Life Essay Contest. Of course. Ick! I swear, the Yoga Cafe is about the only saving grace of that place!

    And BAHAHAHA- Dyed For Your Sins egg......haaaaaaaa priceless. Oh, so who won the egg fight?? Was is STANLEY or....Stanley?

    And hoooooomygod the wicked soundtrack is marvelous! I say we save our pennies and see it, at least SOMEtime before it's taken off Broadway! That would be a dream come true!

    Peace, love, and tulips! <3

  3. AND I just realized that I started four out of five of those sections with the word "and."

  4. Julie you are soooooooooooo sweet!!
    your comment made me blush beside myself
    i dont think you realize your own beauty..luckily i can appreciate it for you hahah

    p.s. i have that ALF doll-well my family had it when i was younger-i think my dad was more obsessed with it than i, so he just used "i have tiny kids" as an excuse to play with it hahaha

    as always
    xoxo Kelsey

    p.p.s hope you're enjoying your summer as of yet?


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