Friday, March 13, 2009

Girl Overboard

This past week has been absolutely insane.  But I made it through, soooo, today it was off to my favorite bakery to reward myself for not freaking out (too much).  I picked up this piece of deliciousness:



I had a major project due on Wednesday for my Fashion Art and Design class-- we'd had to design a collection to be sold at J. Crew and make a presentation board of it, with a mood page, two figures, and flats of the 7 pieces.  Somehow, it seems like I can never start these things early enough, but I honestly could not have started any earlier because I was in such a deluge of work for other classes.  It was one of those times when everything is due within a day or two.  I didn't get to take any pictures of my J. Crew project before I handed it in, but I'll take some after I get it back (which will hopefully be soon).  I think I got a pretty good response to it when we did a critique of the projects in class, though, so I'm feeling decent about it.

Actually, I am feeling awesome about it.  Possibly ecstatic.  YAY!


Lately I've been really missing the ocean.  I mean, I don't live near it when I'm not in school or anything, but I've just been really feeling the need to be surrounded by water.


The rest of my wall decals, the red birds, came today!  The first time they were sent, they got lost in the mail and the seller I got them from ( sent out new ones, and I put them up immediately.  I am absolutely crazy about them.  I finally feel a little more like I have a home and not a cube.


On Sunday, my parents and my brother are coming to visit.  I miss them a lot lately, and I'm SO EXCITED to see them!  Especially my brother.  He gets me in a way that most people don't.


So, on Wednesday, I'll find out if I'm an RA for next year.  I applied interviewed, got called back to a seminar, and now I'm just waiting for my letter.  I'm hoping hoping hoping.  Lots of hoping.


What I've Been Listening to Lately!

  • The Long Blondes:   Separated by Motorways, Lust in the Movies, You Could Have Both, and Once and Never Again

  • Ratatat:  Cherry, Loud Pipes, Wildcat, and Tropicana

  • Ingrid Michaelson:  Far Away, Die Alone, and You and I

  • Rilo Kiley:  Rise Up With Fists, Silver Lining, and A Better Son/Daughter


I need some solitude.  Like, hardcore, not-talking-to-anyone-for-a-week alone time.  I would also like some silence. I'm not unhappy, necessarily, just on sensory overload.


Also!  Let's find a new adjective, America.  No more 'amazing.'  Everything from Obama to macaroni and cheese has been described as amazing.  Exercise that mental thesaurus.


"Nineteen-- you're only nineteen for God's sake, oh, you don't need a boyfriend!"  --The Long Blondes


  1. hey julie!

    I might stalk you on this from now on ;)

    (just clarifying)

    I love hearing about what's going on in your life, I miss you!

    Miss M

  2. Well, aren't I so lucky: I saw your family today!!!!! For St. Patty's Day! I played some new songs for them, I have to show YOU!!!!!!!!! Love you! :)

  3. Goodness gracious, lady! That giant sweet thing looks like....magic! What bakery?

    Wall decals are word up, G. The birds are quite nice.

    Good luck with RA-ing! I know other people who aren't faring so well.

    I am rather fond of "bangin'" or "awesome" or "HMBLEARGHGHGHGH!" as adjectives.


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