Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Today, I went with a few other Presidential Scholars and a lot of the girls in the Merchandising Society to clean up Riverside Park.  It was a lot of fun.  I always forget over the winter how happy spring makes me.  That I can BE that happy.  I do use a sunlight lamp over the winter to help, but it's just not the same as actual sunlight and fresh air and running around.   One wouldn't think that raking leaves for two and a half hours would put me in such a fantastic mood, but it really did.  Something about doing things that are strictly physical help too, since so much of my school stuff is purely in the world of the imagination.  While I do love that, sometimes my physical energy keeps going after my mental energy is exhausted.  Today, they seem to be just about balanced.  It hasn't worked out that way in a while and I like it a whole lot.  It makes me consider trying to add a 1/2 hour walk to my routine at least 3 times a week.  Or, really, just to be outside as much as I can, preferably in places like parks, where there are trees and grass.  And water!  Lots of water!  It was so good just to be near the river today.  Can you tell that my zodiac sign is Cancer?


I wanted to put up some pictures of schoolwork.  So, here's my favorite half-garment so far.  I made it for flat pattern, a few weeks ago when we were assigned to make a dolman sleeve jacket with a diamond gusset and a creative shawl collar.

I am all about the eyelet and heart buttons and bows.  Slightly over the top?  Maybe.  But I like it anyway.


I also got back the Fashion Art and Design project I handed in, the J. Crew one.  I finally got pictures of it!

Our mood page was supposed to be a picture of our target customer, in appropriate makeup for day.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="461" caption=" "] [/caption]

Then come flats of all 7 pieces, rendered to look like the fabric they're supposed to be made of, with stitching details.

Two outfits on figures.

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Swatches of our fabrics-- mine are hearts because I am cutesy.  :)

And, this last bit is for my mom because I know she'll get a thrill out of seeing it up close and personal.

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And now, for some stuff I like that you might like too. Dolly Mixx has the cutest jewelry and charms.  They're all handmade, and the shop is updatd pretty frequently.  I'm a fan of the Pink Flan Charm and the Toastie Stud Earrings.       Actually, I love pretty much everything at Dolly Mixx.

********** This etsy shop, Dugshop, has the tagline, "The Audacity of Soap."  How could I not love it?  There are lots of really cute and funny soaps, like the Obama-shaped "Hope on a Rope."

The "Unidentified Foaming Object"  is pretty great, too.

   They had soap shaped like Peeps, too, but they sold out for the moment.  If you're interested, definitely continue checking the shop, because there might be more up before Easter.

********** The Sea Change sells mainly jewelry.  Every piece looks like a vintage find from some little flea market in Paris.  Right now, I'm in love with the "An Acorn" necklace.


My best friend Marissa is coming to the city on Friday!  I am absolutely giddy with excitement.


Back to work.  My goal for today is to finish the pattern for my flat pattern jacket for this week, get it all cut out, and hopefully get some of it sewn.  I also have to go buy corduroy for the fairly unattractive pants we're going to be starting in Sewing Techniques, and go to the school computer lab so I can get as much of my Photoshop project done as possible.  Off I go to accomplish!


  1. I love the jacket! I think the heart buttons are perfect, very you. ;)
    Those flats and figures are amazing! You are so good at that! Wow!
    I hope you have fun with your friend! I bet you are going to be anxious about that all week huh? :)

  2. That project is quite awesome. Well, all of the work is awesome...Have you considered getting into Fashion Design? Seems like you'd do pretty well.

    Yard work was fun, but the physical labor combined with mild sickness made me extremely tired for the rest of the day...Not feeling too hot right now. Methinks we should do more yard work, though.



  4. I love your fashion drawings! You're really good at rendering them. Zach had told me you were very skilled at what you're going to school for and I'm happy to see actually what you do.

    PS: I really want that flowered pink dress. I love flouncy dresses and skirts :) Maybe that's why I want a dirndl so badly... haha

  5. Oh, I am all about the dirndl. They're just so cute! Heehee, I'm posting my photoshop project later, and that is pretty much all flouncy florals.


    JULIE! Everything looks so amazing! I want to model for you! Haha! :D

    I can't wait to see you. "When?" you might ask? Well, I DONT KNOW! But it's necessary very soon! I'm gonna come visit you like Marissa did! I hope you two had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love so so much the J. Crew stuff you did! Absolute perfection, I say. I can't wait to see your new Photoshop project!

    Talk to ya soon, naaaaturally! ;)


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