Saturday, August 28, 2010

Met Museum ♥

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite places in the world-- The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It's so inspiring.  And it seems that every time I go, there's something I haven't seen before.  Well, yesterday I was on an Impressionism kick, particularly the paintings by Monet.  I love his water lilies and gardens, of course, but there were a few others that I was especially taken with.

Île aux Orties near Vernon  1897

Morning on the Seine near Giverny      1897

Ice Floes  1893

Ohhhhh, I just absolutely love them.  I'm determined to make time to go to the Met at least a few times a month this semester.  It is the most creatively refreshing experience in the world.


Also, I'm looking for a new camera, because the one I have has a plethora of issues.  The F-stop speed is incredibly slow, especially in low lighting, which makes taking pictures a problem where flash is not allowed.  The white balance is also really weird, whether on auto or manual.  I'd love some recommendations, if anyone just looooves their camera.


Good luck to everyone who is starting or has already started school!  ♥

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