Saturday, January 22, 2011

how to care for introverts

So, I just reread my post from yesterday, and I think it reads pretty much like I felt-- stilted, awkward, and uncomfortable.  I love writing and blogging and sharing photos and ideas with people who read this (you're out there, right?  RIGHT?), but when it comes to putting more personal things out there, I clam right up.  Even if it's something as general and lighthearted as the questions were yesterday for Fill-In-The-Blank Friday.

Since I go to a college that specializes in art and design, I think a lot of us who go to school here are comfortable because we're surrounded by other introverts.  Everyone's pretty considerate of being careful with other people's feelings of validity, and we're all used to the slightly hermit-like behaviors of everyone around us.  But outside of school, people sometimes aren't sure what to do with that.  Sometimes we get upset for what seems like no reason, or we go into weeks of just not seeing anyone, or we get excited and happy and get frustrated with people who aren't.  I ran across this fantastic post on Pinterest the other day, and thought it might help to de-mystify the seemingly strange behaviors of a more anomic persuasion.

I couldn't find the original source for this, but if anyone knows it, let me know and I'll link it ♥

♥happy weekend!♥


  1. oh, i love this so so so much! i'm also an introvert and this is absolutely true!

  2. Isn't it ridiculously true? I'm still looking for the original source, because it's so fantastic that I want to give them credit... but I thought it perfectly summed up why introverts behave the way we do.

  3. That just sings to my inner (and outer) introvert.


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