Thursday, January 27, 2011

music for snowy days

I always find myself listening to The National a lot during the winter... Their music is soft and a little melancholy, but really, really beautiful.  Kinda like winter.  Here are three of my favorites from them.

"Geese of Beverly Road"-- The lyrics in this just get me every time, especially the first line.

"Driver, Surprise Me"-- I love the mix of hope and desperation in this song...

"Slow Show"-- I think I've posted this before, and I probably will post it again... I've fallen asleep to this almost every night for over a year.  (You have to click the video and go to Youtube to hear it, but it's totally worth it.  This is one of the few fan-made videos that I think goes perfectly with the song it's for.)

yay for snow and the music for watching it fall♥

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