Friday, July 27, 2012

fill-in-the-blank friday: the triumphant return!

Yay!  Lauren over at The Little Things We Do has brought back Fill-in-the-Blank Fridays.  So let's get to it!

1. I am a down-to-earth dreamer and a chatty introvert.  

2. I have always loved to draw and paint and make things.  My parents used to wake up in the morning and come downstairs and see that I'd already been up for hours working on a new project on the kitchen table.  

3. I hope to give people even half the amount of love that I've been given in my life.  I've been really lucky to have had the opportunity to know a lot of wonderful people, some of whom are still in my life, and some of whom are not.  I'm thankful for every one of them.

4. I can eat the same thing for lunch indefinitely.  For weeks I've been having peanut butter and strawberry jam, a glass of milk, and either a nectarine or strawberries-- and it tastes just as awesome every time!

5. I dream of a sunny little studio apartment where I can live with my two kitties and a lot of yarn and fabric.  

6. The way to my heart is by making me laugh and being genuine.  A good sense of humor is so important to me.  Ooh, another way to my heart is by being kind to people from whom you have nothing to gain.  If a man is absolutely charming with me but rude to a waiter or taxi driver, I lose a lot of respect for him and thus a lot of romantic interest in him.

7. I am passionate about responsibility.  It drives me crazy when people don't take responsibility for their actions, so I try never to make someone else feel that way about me.  

I'm headed to my best friend Marissa's house for a long weekend!  Yay!
I hope you have an excellent weekend, too.

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