Sunday, July 8, 2012

ice cream and irish music

After my mom and I finished our picnic dinner, we headed to Moo-Moo's for some of their delicious homemade ice cream.
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The store is so cute!  I love the flavor-printed walls and the cow spot benches.
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random fact:  you can get that opaque, brightly colored look from chalk by wetting either the chalk or the board before you write.  

The spectacular list of flavors-- I had chocolate chocolate chip and butter pecan, and my mom had chocolate chocolate chip and cherry vanilla.  I insist on getting ice cream in a cone even when it's about 90 degrees out.  My mom wisely chose a cup.

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so many cute little details!  I love the retro checkered countertop.
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We finished the night at a traditional Irish music session-- my mom plays the Irish flute.  I really like going to the sessions with her, it's such a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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