Thursday, December 20, 2012

clever corner

Hi there!
Can you believe we're only five days from Christmas?  I feel like December was just erased off the calendar this year.  I hope you're enjoying the holiday festivities!

I recently came across this fire hydrant wearing a jaunty chapeau.
fire hydrant yarnbombing
At first I thought it must have been put there after someone dropped it, but now I'm pretty sure it was intentionally placed-- a wintery yarnbombing!
for anyone not familiar with the term, yarnbombing is using a knitted item to decorate a public object-- like yarn graffiti.

poem box public art
A few days ago, this appeared on that same corner-- a mysterious blue box...

poem box public art
...which is full of poems!  I just love this, I love when people make creative, interactive public art.

the snowflake walter de la mare
The poem I chose at random was "The Snowflake" by Walter de la Mare. 
This was such a charming, whimsical surprise.  
I'm a fan of anything that wraps poetry up warmly and sends it off into the world.


  1. Oh that's amazing! You would never get anything like that around here :(

    Happy Christmas!

    1. Merry Christmas, Kelsey! And I totally didn't expect to find something like this around here, either-- but it was so exciting!

  2. The poem box is genius! I want to live there! Of course the jaunty hydrant is fantastic as well. It also seems like something you would be responsible for...hmmmm... Yikes! I need to finish my holiday shopping and soon!

    1. Heh heh, who, meeeeee? :D I would totally do something like the hatted hydrant, but this time it wasn't me! I promise. And isn't that poem box so cool? I love when people share their creativity! Merry Christmas!


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