Monday, January 21, 2013

much love monday

Hi there, and welcome to a new week!
I hope yours is off to a good start.
Here are a few pretty things I've found this week.

teacups on wall
I love this idea for displaying cups!  I collect mugs and teacups, and this would be a great way to enjoy them even when they're not in use.

vintage photo
This photo by R. Prunin, taken in 1950, gives me the giggles.  These little guys are obviously conspiring... and there's a baguette involved.

heart gate
Wouldn't this gate be the sweetest thing to come home through?

girl reading 1920s A.H. Watson
I love this pretty vintage illustration by A.H. Watson.

fairy lights twinkle tulle
These twinkle-lights have tulle bows around the cord-- it diffuses the light in such a soft, lovely way.
(via Lexie)

It's snowing here-- I'm going to curl up in a cozy sweater with some tea and knitting.
Have a wonderful evening!

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  1. Aww, the photo with the baguette is so cute. I swear the baguette is bigger than the boy holding it! :)


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