Wednesday, June 6, 2012

good day

The morning just might be my favorite part of the day.  I love the serenity, and the potential of having the whole day stretching out ahead.

This lovely song by Priscilla Ahn perfectly captures how I feel when I wake up with the sun streaming in through the window.

toast marmalade jelly tea strawberries
I've gotten into a breakfast routine of tea, toast with cream cheese and marmalade, and strawberries.

siamese cat
Then I go out onto the porch to see what's new on the internet and say hi to the kitties.
 Bucky likes the morning, too.
(He likes it slightly less when I'm taking pictures of him, but he's a good sport about it.)

yawning cat siamese
It is exhausting work being a cat.   Naptime for kitties, work time for me.

What's your morning routine?


  1. Your breakfast looks scrummy Julie! And I am in love with you pretty mug! Very cute kitty too! I'm quite partial to toast with peanut butter and bananas of a morning with a lovely cuppa - nort sure it's overly healthy tho?
    Victoria xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! The mug was my mom's, but when she saw how I always chose it for my tea last summer, she gave it to me. She's so sweet! And mmmm, peanut butter and banana is such a good combination... it's protein and fruit! Totally healthy. :D

      xo Julie

  2. i'm so not a morning person, but I do love breakfast! and yours looks super yummy!


    1. Sometimes I think I'm only a morning person because of breakfast! So much easier to get out of bed knowing there's a yummy breakfast in my future. Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog!

      xo Julie

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