Saturday, June 30, 2012

meet birdie

Hi everyone!
Today I'd like to introduce you to a new lady in my life...
schacht ladybug spinning wheel
My new Ladybug spinning wheel!
I've wanted to take up spinning and create my own yarn for years-- My parents got me my first bag of roving (whatever fiber you're using to spin yarn) when I was still in high school.  And now I'll finally get to spin it!

schacht ladybug spinning wheel
One of my favorite things about my new wheel is this sweet little ladybug.  Schacht, the company that makes the Ladybug, puts one of these little cuties on every wheel.  That's how I affectionately dubbed my wheel 'Birdie'--- from ladybug to ladybird to birdie! 

schacht ladybug spinning wheel bobbin
this is my first yarn on the bobbin-- it's not super-even, and it's over-spun (too twisted and curly) in some places, but I love it anyway!
schacht spinning wheel cat ladybug
I was really curious how the kitties would react to the presence of a new thing with moving parts and one of their favorite things-- yarn.
Bucky obviously has no problem with it-- he loves to watch the wheel turning and the roving going onto the bobbin!

cat yarn spinning roving
...In fact, he loves it so much that he sits right next to me while I spin.  I love this picture-- doesn't he look like a tiny little kitten next to that ball of roving, like it's the size of a ball of yarn?  But it's an illuuuuusion-- it's actually just slightly smaller than a volley-ball.

schacht ladybug spinning wheel bobbins yarn handspun
Here are my first two bobbins!  It's been really cool to see the progress even in this small amount of yarn.  Now I'm going to ply these (twisting them together into one yarn) and wash them to keep them twisted nicely, then I'll show you all my first real skein of yarn!

Are any of you lovelies spinners?

Thank you so much to Jan at The Gentle Arts, who helped me so much during the process of choosing a wheel and learning how to use it, and to my wonderful family members, without whom I wouldn't be spinning, especially my mom.  I promise to make pretty handspun things for all of you!


  1. wow, that looks like a pretty cute machine. I look forward to seeing what you make with it :) x

    1. Thank you Niamh! I'm pretty excited about it myself. :) Have a wonderful day!

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