Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Impressions Jewelry by Romano Sculpture!

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Today I'd like to share my mom's new Etsy shop, Impressions Jewelry by Romano Sculpture!  She creates beautiful, unique handmade jewelry using pearls and semi-precious stones.  I'm so impressed by the way she can combine colors and shapes and textures in ways that are completely unexpected and gorgeous.  Her shop officially launched on Sunday, July 13th, and it was stocked with 14 stunning pairs of earrings.

zebra jasper garnet pearl earrings 
sunstone pearl earrings semi-precious handmade 
The sunstone in this pair has the prettiest subtle sparkle when it catches the light!

Yellow Jade white agate carnelian earrings bohemian boho 
earrings black onyx pink pearls romano sculpture 
I love my mom's take on the classic color combination of pink, black, and white.  They're a bit feminine and a bit tough.

grey Botswana agate pearl earrings 
baroque pearl earrings pink white opalescent mermaid beach wedding bride 
This pair is one of my favorites-- the Baroque pearls are so beautiful and I've never seen anything else  like them!

yellow jade obsidian white agate quartzite earrings 
smoky quartz coin pearl earrings modern edgy 
romano sculpture impressions earrings coin pearls moonstone rose quartz aquamarine pink blue 
This pair reminds me of a walk on the beach at night-- the luminous moon shining on bits of beach glass.

blue angelite white coin pearl earrings romano sculpture 
back onyx earrings rose gold yellow gold sterling silver handmade 
I love this pair-- the combining of sterling silver, rose gold, and yellow gold looks so modern against the sleek black onyx.

amazonite tourmaline pearls black onyx purple violet blue earrings 
One of my favorite aspects of these earrings is the mix of textures.  The pearls are polished, but soft, in contrast to the matte finish of the amazonite and the reflective smoothness of the tourmaline and onyx.

zebra jasper carnelian pearl safari earrings bohemian boho 
sunstone rosebud pearls green stone earrings handmade beach semi-precious
This pair is no longer in the shop, as they have already sold, but they were one of my favorites and I couldn't resist posting them anyway!

Which pair is your favorite?  If you would like to stay up to date with Impressions Jewelry by Romano Sculpture, add it to your Etsy list of favorite shops so that you can see new pieces as they are added!  Custom work is also welcome-- my mom is happy to work with you to create the perfect jewelry to give as a gift, or to wear for a special occasion! (I've already asked my mom if she will make my bridal jewelry, when the time comes!)

Thank you for letting me share my mom's beautiful new creative endeavor with you-- I am so proud of her and so impressed with her work!

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