Saturday, February 19, 2011


It’s good to feel you are close to me in the night, love,
invisible in your sleep, intently nocturnal,
while I untangle my worries
as if they were twisted nets.

Withdrawn, your heart sails through dream,
but your body, relinquished so, breathes
seeking me without seeing me perfecting my dream
like a plant that seeds itself in the dark.

Rising, you will be that other, alive in the dawn,
but from the frontiers lost in the night,
from the presence and the absence where we meet ourselves,

something remains, drawing us into the light of life
as if the sign of the shadows had sealed
its secret creatures with flame.

--Pablo Neruda



  1. Pablo Neruda has been a favorite of mine for a long time! I love hearing the poems in their original Spanish along with the English, which has happened a few times in my Literature Club. :)

  2. Such, such, such a wonderful poet. How cool to be able to hear his work in both languages!


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