Tuesday, August 14, 2012

odds and ends

into the whirled fibers odds and ends rainbow spinning
Good morning sunshines!
After spinning 12 oz. of pale yellow wool for my Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica scarf (which is finished!  Photos coming soon!), and another 4 oz. of a semi-solid for some secret spinning (also done!  Photos coming...eventually), I was ready to spin something with some color changes.  But apparently I am a tiiiiiny bit commitment-phobic when it comes to choosing roving colors, and I couldn't decide whether I wanted something pastel, or something dark, or something neutral-- so I ordered a 4.4 oz. 'Odds and Ends' bag from Into The Whirled Fiber Arts and got a bit of every possible color and fiber.  I took this photo yesterday morning, but I'm actually finished with the whole 4.4 oz. now and have a beautifully full bobbin.  Now I'm working on spinning up some gorgeous grey alpaca and merino blend to ply it with, because as much as I love how vibrant and saturated the Odds and Ends are, I'd like a more subtle overall effect for the shawl I'm planning on knitting with it.

I hope you're enjoying this rainy Tuesday-- it's perfect weather for curling up with tea and yarn!


  1. What fun the colors are! I spun a bunch of felting odds and ends from around the house. The best part is watching all the colors spin together, especially when plying!

    1. That's such a good way to use felting quantities of roving! And I totally agree with you, watching the colors come together during the plying is so much fun-- even just plying the colorful singles with the grey, it was so neat to see how each one combined with it.


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