Thursday, August 2, 2012

one pretty thing

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Hi lovelies!

I'd like to share one pretty thing with you today:
julie rose sews acorn necklace
My acorn necklace.

I grew up hearing acorns falling on the roof and the porch of our house, and they've always held a special spot in my heart.  They're cute (of course) and they're inspiring-- they have so much potential.  Something small enough to fit in your pocket can become something so big that you can't reach your arms around it.  

The other reason I love acorns comes from one of my very favorite childhood books.  In Peter Pan, when Wendy attaches Peter's shadow back onto him, she tells him that if he'd like, he can thank her by giving her a kiss.  He gives her an acorn cap.  She makes a necklace from it, and it later saves her life when Tinkerbell tells the Lost Boys that Peter wants them to 'shoot the Wendy-bird' with an arrow and Toodles actually does.  ...typed out like that it does seem awfully violent for a children's book.  also, catty.  So this necklace is my sneaky literary homage.

Have a wonderful day!

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