Friday, November 2, 2012

fill-in-the-blank friday!

1. Something I swore I'd never do, but have ended up doing anyway is watching television.  Not a lot, and when I move to my own place I'm not planning on even having a television, but I have to admit-- I get really excited when there's a Storage Wars marathon.  I keep up with a few shows (Once Upon a Time, The Mindy Project, The Office, and sometimes New Girl) on Hulu, but Storage Wars is pretty much the only show I actually watch on tv.

2. Something I've always wanted to do is learn to build furniture.  Not the kits that you just have to put together, but from-the-beginning, ground-up furniture.  I have kind of specific tastes in desks and tables and chairs, that sort of thing, and I'd love to learn to go from sketch to finished object just like I do with fashion design.

3. Something I have absolutely no desire to ever do is drugs.  I know, I'm such a square, but sometimes you don't need to try something to know it's not for you.  A few years ago I had two of my wisdom teeth out and there was some complication and I had to be given a second dosage of general anesthetic.  When I woke up I was completely out of it.  Seeing my mom's face when she realized I didn't really know where I was or what was happening was just heartbreaking, and I couldn't imagine voluntarily doing something that could lead to that same reaction.  So yeah, nope, not for me.

4. The best thing I ever did was going back to FIT for my senior year after losing my dad the summer before.  It didn't seem like a major feat at the time-- I was grateful to have something positive to focus on and put my energy toward-- but looking back on it, I'm proud of that.  

5. When it comes to trying new things, I am open to it as long as I'm prepared.  

6. One thing I've never done is gone to a drive-in movie.  I want to though-- it seems like so much fun!  And it might be a good option for Marissa and me, since we cannot stay quiet at the movies.

7. My favorite thing to do is ...oh jeez.  I have a lot of favorite things to do.  Designing, knitting, drinking tea, cuddling the kitties, going to concerts, walking, spending time with Marissa... too many favorite things to choose from!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Oh my, I had no idea you had to face your father passing away partway through college, I cannot even imagine how much strength it must have taken for you to return (especially since FIT is a really challenging school). As for the building furniture, that is super hard. My brother is actually currently pursuing a degree in Carpentry, he can make truly gorgeous things but it takes a lot of time and knowledge to do well. And while we are exposing our guilty pleasure TV shows, I'm hooked on the Vampire Diaries, I have not idea how (perhaps the very attractive actors?) and I'm embarrassed to admit it, so you do not have to feel alone in that regard.

    1. Thank you so much. ❤ And that's so cool that your brother is in school for carpentry! Ok, so to be honest... Do you remember Fairy Winkles, those cute little fairy toys from when we were little? I want to learn to make furniture so I can make furniture like theirs-- enchanted forest tea party furniture! I think it's so cool that people like your brother can take their creativity and technical skills and create things that are beautiful and practical, too. Vampire Diaries! I've never seen it (although I did watch True Blood with my freshman year roommate). When my Hulu queue is empty, I know what I'll check out! :)


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