Friday, November 9, 2012

fill-in-the-blank friday

1. I like long car trips.  I have such happy memories of seven and eight hour drives on the way to family vacations, and of long trips on the bus of the fife and drum corps I was in with lots of wonderful friends.  Although I have to admit, I fall asleep very quickly when I'm in a moving car or bus.  ....Like, almost instantly.  It's a little ridiculous but at least I'm always well-rested by the time I get where I'm going!

2. A life goal of mine is to travel all over the world.  I want to experience as many places and cultures as I can.

3. The last thing you would expect me to like (even though I secretly do) is/are certain books that are generally thought of as being more masculine, or at least as being more appealing to a male audience.  Two of my favorite books are Catch-22, by Joseph Heller, and Steppenwolfe, by Hermann Hesse.

4. Some wise words that I love are, "And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." --Roald Dahl

5. Most mornings you will find me muttering to one of my (very cute but very persistent) cats, "Bucky...stop poking me.  Stop licking me.  Go back to sleep."  He likes to wake me up by gently patting my face with his paw and licking my hand.  He'll only stop when either a) I get up and give him breakfast or b) he weasels his way under the covers to snuggle.

6. Right now I am super into cozy socks and sweaters and hot tea as it starts getting chilly.  Ooh, blankets, too.

7. Right now I am super over painting my nails.  Not that I do it often to start with.  I have many talents, but doing my nails is not one of them.  The only color I like on my nails is a dark purple-y red, but since I'm always knitting or spinning or sewing, nail polish tends to chip pretty easily, and then a dark color looks terrible.  So it's generally clear nail polish or just the snazzy buffing block for me.

I've been a busy bee and this week flew by--  hope yours was fantastic!

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