Tuesday, January 17, 2012

i like friends who blog.

Two of my favorite people have recently started blogging!

The first is a lovely boy who has been a close friend of mine since we met in fourth grade, at age nine.  Taryn is articulate, witty, and sweet, and he has a particularly unique sense of humor that manages to be both cynical and optimistic all at once.  He recently began blogging over at So It Goes.

My cousin Monica has started a blog, too!  Her blog is over at 180 Days to Paris.  And that's exactly what she'll be doing-- going to Paris in (slightly less than, at this point) 180 days.  She's quirky and adorable and smart and I can't wait to hear more about her escapades, both preparing for Paris and being there!

Each of these blogs only has three posts so far, so now is a good time to follow their adventures from the beginning-- I can't wait to see everything Taryn and Monica write in the future, and to join them on their journeys both literal and figurative.

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