Saturday, January 21, 2012

snow day

snow gif
It's snowing in Manhattan!


I love snow.  I love looking at it, I love walking around in it, I love feeling it on my face like hundreds of little kisses.  I love bundling up and going outside and getting giddy with cold and then coming in and shedding the layers of scarves and hats and mittens and drinking tea.

So far, I made my first trip of the new year over to The Ink Pad, my local scrapbooking/stationery/washi tape store to pick up some little treats, went to Trader Joe's to replenish my supply of pink lady apples, bananas, and animal crackers (I have the palate of a mildly discerning six-year-old), and came home and put my groceries away.  Next up:  a hot shower and settling in to work on my crocheted flower blanket while alternately listening to back episodes of the WTF podcast and watching Stargate on Netflix.

This is just my favorite kind of day.

What are some of your favorite snow day activities?


  1. I knew I was going to like your blog...seemed like a kindred spirit - then you go and write about pink lady apples - my favourite! I sent my husband out for some last week, and he came back and said, "They didn't have any pink lady apples, so I got you some Lady Gaga ones." Curious, I went and looked in the bag- and saw a bunch of Gala apples. Silly rabbit.

    Reading, daydreaming and cuddling with my dogs, that's my ideal snow day.

    1. Tracy, that is just the sweetest comment! I'm so glad that you found my little pink corner of the internet. And yeah! Let's hear it for those pink lady apples! Your "Lady Gaga" apple story nearly made me choke on my tea from laughing. She must be really expanding her brand image! Haaa.

      That sounds like a perfect snow day... A cat was the only thing missing from mine. There needs to be some fur-baby cuddling to make an ideal snow day!


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