Friday, April 6, 2012

chaton la couture

this is me.

Still home, still sewing all day every day.
I had originally typed that as 'all day errday' but I wasn't sure how convincing that would be on a pink blog full of sewing kittens.

So here's the latest.

♥Being home is really great. 
♥Senior collection is moving right along, I'm feeling good about where I am with my progress.
♥Yesterday, I got my first set of Knitpicks Options knitting needles.  I love them.  I have three 40" cables for them, which basically means I could sit in the middle and knit a tent around myself if I had the inclination.
♥Bucky (one of my two kitties) scared himself silly by sitting on the foot pedal of my sewing machine this morning, making it start sewing at a frantic pace.  Heehee.
♥Beauty and the Beast is going into the Disney vault on April 30th!  Does that actually mean you can't buy it anymore?  I find the whole 'vault' thing very weird.  ...But yeah, I'm definitely still getting it on DVD just in case.

Back to sewing!

Hope you have a great Friday.


  1. hehe, that cat can do my sewing but so sorry about your Bucky...he wil get a hang of it

    1. Heehee, isn't that kitty adorable? I consider Bucky and Cocoa to be a vital part of the sewing process-- they're perfect for cuddling after a day of making things!

      xo Julie


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