Wednesday, April 4, 2012

if ice cream, if i cry...

I have ice cream on the brain.
Probably because it's one of the three foods I can manage right now.
Here are a few that look lovvvvvely.

ice cream
I like being the first person to scoop something out of a smooth surface, like a new jar of peanut butter.  A perfect melon-ball scoop can only make it even better.
ice cream
chocolate ice cream flowers-- how adorable are these!  when it gets warmer in the city I need to scout out a place that does these.
ice cream
I don't actually like coffee or coffee-flavored things, but this little ice cream stack is too cute to resist.
ice cream
strawberry ice cream macarons.  in a berry basket.  I love everything about this.
What's your favorite ice cream?
I like strawberry, chocolate, black raspberry, and mint chocolate chip best.

oh, and the title of this post is a lame pun on this song.  well, it made me giggle.

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