Friday, March 8, 2013

on the needles: woodland gable wrap

Happy Friday!
Today I'd like to share one of the projects on my knitting needles-- the Woodland Gable Wrap.
This is a shop sample for my lovely local yarn shop.

juniper moon yarn findley dappled gable
The pattern is the Gable Wrap, and it's a combination of garter stitch and crossed elongated stitches created by wrapping stitches, then dropping the wraps off the needles on the following row.  

juniper moon yarn findley dappled gable
This wrap is knit in the Findley Dappled yarn from Juniper Moon Farm, in the Woodland colorway.  It's a 50% merino wool, 50% silk blend, and it is absolutely delightful to knit with.  The silk gives it beautiful drape and sheen, but it still has that lovely woolly feel as I'm knitting it.  Even though it's in a laceweight yarn, this wrap works up fairly quickly due to the dropped wrapped stitches-- that row adds a good three-quarters of an inch every time you knit it!  Incidentally, this wrap takes two skeins of Findley Dappled at 798 yards per skein, for a total of 1596 yards, making it the largest amount of yardage I've ever knit into a single project.  I'm just a few yards away from being finished with the first skein.

juniper moon yarn findley dappled gable

The Gable Wrap is an enjoyable knit, not too simple and not too complex.  It's an easy pattern to memorize and perfect for knitting in the car, since you don't have to look at it constantly while you're working on it.  Mine accompanied me to New York last week, so I worked on it on the bus into the city, in the cafĂ© of a Barnes and Noble, in Grand Central Station, and on the train back out of the city.

It likes to think of itself as being very worldly and sophisticated.

As per usual, more details can be found on my Ravelry project page.
I hope you've had a fantastic week!


  1. What a lovely wrap! I love the yarn (the mix of colors is awesome and wool/silk blends are my favorite!) though almost 1600 yards just for one projects sounds scary...
    I've been working on (well, procrastinating...) a lace shawl since January. It takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Every time I can convince myself to pick it up (instead of juts working on socks or browsing ravelry and dreaming about spring cardigans...) I make some sort of dumb mistake. I feel like I knitted backwards more than forwards!
    Good luck for the second half of the project :)

    1. Thank you so much! It's definitely a little daunting in terms of yardage. Luckily, this pattern doesn't require much concentration, so it isn't 1600 yards worth of charts! And oh my goodness, I completely understand knitting procrastination via planning of other projects. My queue is getting ridiculous! Good luck on your shawl-- does it have rest rows, or is it all in pattern?


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