Tuesday, March 12, 2013

much love, tuesday ♥

Hi there!
It's a rainy day here, perfect for curling up with a book and kitties and knitting and tea.
I hope you're having a lovely day too!

Here are a few things I love this week.

Anne Siems Plant Wisdom
'Plant Wisdom' by Anne Siems

gingerbread cake with mushrooms
this adorable gingerbread cake with meringue mushrooms-- If I were a hobbit, this would be my birthday cake.  Another recipe for the to-bake list!

Loreal Prystaj photography
this beautiful photograph by the amazingly talented Loreal Prystaj.  

bags of roses
these roses-- like a candy shop of flowers!  I'm so looking forward to spring and the beautiful colors that come with it.
Once Upon A Time The Queen is Dead
Once Upon A Time The Queen is Dead
Once Upon A Time The Queen is Dead
The parade of cowls from last week's episode of Once Upon a Time!  I especially like Mary Margaret's pink one with some sparkle.  It's just some cables and moss stitch, I might have to whip up one of these.

pop-up fairytale
this lovely photo

Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. That cake looks delicious and the roses are so lovely! I wish it was spring.

    Very jealous, we don't have OUAT season 2 here yet, my mum and I watched the whole of season 1 on Netflix in a couple of weeks, addicted!

    1. Oh, I wish that too... We had a few beautiful days, but now we're back to snow!

      Oh-- Season 2 is wonderful! I think it will have been worth the wait. ♥

  2. The detail on the mushrooms is fantastic! Meringue would make perfect decorative mushrooms, it also looks like the baker painted the underside? I love it when characters wear knitted objects, but I like it even better when they knit (I'm remembering the detective on Pushing Daisies, a show that came out a while ago).

    1. The undersides of the mushrooms are painted! Isn't that brilliant? I was so impressed when I saw them. The texture of the meringue would be just right, too, that light foaminess that mushrooms sometimes have, too. I only watched a few episodes of Pushing Daisies, but hearing that there's knitwear makes me want to give it another look!


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