Saturday, March 30, 2013


Hi there and happy Saturday!
Here's a little peek into my life lately.

brick building with stars

stained glass window
rusted iron stars and a stained glass window on an old warehouse building

chocolate easter eggs
chocolate Easter eggs!  The yellow one had a maple walnut filling, the blue was coconut, and the purple was peanut butter (my favorite!).

siamese cat in box cocoa
Cocoa, unaware that I'm spying on him spying on Bucky from inside his cardboard box fortress.
(About fifteen seconds after this, he noticed the camera and gave it a smack with his paw.  He doesn't put up with the cat-loving paparazzi.)

siamese cat sleeping cocoa
And then he was all tired out.

Happy Easter tomorrow to those who celebrate it!


  1. Stained glass for a warehouse? They really made an effort to make buildings beautiful once upon a time. Also, I would love details on the kitty fortress, I think my fluffy trouble maker needs something like that to tire her out when she gets crazy eye (that's my family's phase for when a kitty is really spastic).

    1. They really did! I want to take more pictures there, but it's an abandoned building and I am a chicken and a half, so I'm always sure I hear rustling around and I get scared and leave. As for the kitty fortress, well... I wish I could say it was fancy-schmancy, but it's actually just a cardboard box with the opening at the top with a smaller cardboard box with the opening facing forward inside! It's only big enough for Cocoa, so he likes to lord it over Bucky that he can't get in. Crazy eye is such an accurate phrase!


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