Tuesday, March 19, 2013

much love, monday ♥

I hope your week is off to a lovely start.
As I'm writing this, Bucky, my 18-pounds-of-love kitty, has draped himself over my arm and shoulder and he's patting my face as a gentle reminder that it's time for bed.  And he's almost right!  But first, here are a few things I love this week.

stephen edwards photography
The soft, beautiful colors in this photograph by Stephen Edwards

stephen edwards photography
This is another of my favorites from Stephen Edwards-- doesn't it just make your heart happy to know  that there are still places in the world that look like this?  

sundara yarn spring sparrow sport merino two

sundara yarn robin's nest sport merino two
Sundara Yarn has released two limited edition colors for March.  The top one is Spring Sparrow, and the bottom one is Robin's Nest.  Oh, how I covet this gorgeous, gorgeous wool!

dandelion votive candle
These hand-cut votive holders are so delicate and pretty.  I love that the designs in this set are all based on plants that have gone to seed: fennel, allium, and dandelions.  Seeds are inspiring to me in the same way that acorns are-- so much potential in something so small!

Susanna Bauer crochet leaf
This crochet-edged leaf is so delicate and lovely.

Can you tell that I'm in the mood for spring?
Now it truly is time for me to go to bed-- Bucky has decided that persuading me to go to sleep isn't working quickly enough, so he's decided to lay over my entire keyboard, instead.

I hope the rest of your day is wonderful!


  1. An 18 pounds fluffball sounds like the perfect bed buddy. Lina has super fluffy fur but she's super skinny and light. My kitchen scale only has a capacity of 9 lbs which might just be enough for Lina. But I couldn't convince her yet to stay in a bowl long enough to put her on the scale :(
    haha. maybe one day :)
    I love the crochet-edge leave. I'm definitely ready for spring, too! :)

    1. Oh my gosh, he is so snuggly. Although he does sometime take up more than his fair share of the bed. Oh my gosh, I love the thought of trying to get the lovely Miss Lina to stay in a bowl! That must be absolutely adorable. I'm not sure there's a bowl that would fit the Buckster-- I just pick him up and weigh both of us, then subtract my weight.

      I hope your weather is getting warmer!

  2. Oh the robin egg color way is so, so gorgeous. I want a shawl in that color. What would you knit with it? Your Bucky is even heavier than my cat! I didn't think that was even possible. Mattie is about 14 pounds now, the vet keeps telling me she needs to go on a diet.

    1. Isn't that stunning? Oh my gosh, I don't even know what I would knit. My first thought was a shawl, but the color is a bit different on the fingering weight base, which is my preferred weight for shawls. I think I would make some sort of textured cowl with the sport weight, to really show off the color variations. I'd love to knit a sweater in the Spring Sparrow color!

      Ha, Bucky is definitely a big kitty! He's actually lost four pounds over the last six months or so, believe it or not! He's developed an obsession with my hair elastics and chases them around, which gives him plenty of exercise. I'm also giving him more wet food so he doesn't snack on his kibbles all the time, and that seems to be helping, too.


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