Friday, July 8, 2011

fill-in-the-blank friday

via the little things we do

I debated whether or not to do a fill-in-the-blank friday post this week, but I think I need to, either as a distraction or as part of a routine, just to make me feel like there are some things that are orderly and predictable and make sense.  So here goes.

1.   My plans this summer include: being home with my mom, seeing the last Harry Potter movie and going to Six Flags with Marissa, crocheting, and hopefully babysitting.

2.  The best summer I ever had was: when I was maybe fifteen or sixteen, the summers of lots of fife and drum trips and the family vacation to Cape May.  Those were the summers when I started feeling independent, and they were so much fun.

3.  Summer is: strange because I never know what day of the week it is and it ends just when I'm getting used to it.

4.  My favorite summer food is: tomatoes with basil and olive oil.  (Unless the insides of the tomatoes are squishy, I hate that.)

5.  The best way to quench a summer thirst is with: water or a pineapple-orange-banana spritzer.

6.  My summer uniform consists of: sundresses, sundresses, and more sundresses.

7.  The best thing about summer is: doing all the projects that I don't have time for during the school year.


  1. I plan on seeing the last Harry Potter this summer too, super excited about it. I hope you have fun at Magic Mountain. I'd totally go but roller coasters and I just dont mix haha.

    Stopping by from Lauren's blog :)

  2. I'm excited about it too--I'm going to a midnight showing, so I'm still trying to decide whether to dress up! And thank you-- I loooove roller coasters! But not haunted houses, those are out of the question for me. eeeek.

    yay, so glad you found me!


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