Friday, December 2, 2011

fill-in-the-blank friday ♥

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1.   The holiday season is one of my favorite times of year.  I love all the twinkly lights, and the carols, and candy canes, and making presents for all my favorite people.

2.   Snow makes me excited and happy and cozy.  I like going out in the snow, getting cold, and then coming in and getting warm!

3.  The best comfort food to eat when it's cold out is soup and tea!  Or dried pears.  That's how I spent a lot of happy hours when I was younger, sitting on the love-seat at home and looking out at the snow and snacking on dried pears.

4. Winter is the best time for woolly socks.  I love them.  I have to get my winter boots re-soled because I walk everywhere, but it makes me so happy to put on woolly socks and boots and a scarf and a winter coat.  But even when I'm not going outside, I love wearing woolly socks.  In fact, I am wearing moss-green ones right now.

5.  I can hardly wait for  winter break, so I can go home and be with my mom and my brother and my grandmother.  I got spoiled by Thanksgiving break, when I got to be with my family all the time.

6.  When it comes to holiday gifts I prefer to make gifts for people.  I love making presents!

7.  If I were to rate my excitement about the holiday season on a scale from 1-10, I would say I am at about a 6 or 7?  I love the holiday season, but it's going to be a rough one this year since it's the first one without my dad.  I really hate that.  While I'm at school, it's easy to pretend everything is normal at home, and I hate that it actually isn't.  But it'll be good to be with my family.

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