Wednesday, December 21, 2011

procrastination station

Y'know what I should be doing right now?
Packing to go home tomorrow.
Y'know what I'm actually doing?
Pretty much everything else.  Seriously.  I just darned my socks. 
Alright, so random life updates until I get back in the groove of blogging and can come up with actual paragraphs!
(No, really.  I think this is the result of being on twitter way too much, I'm thinking in 140 characters or less.)

♥ Remember my end-of-semester Anthropologie bonanza?  And how I said I was going to feel silly when the Braided Toggle Sweatercoat went on sale after I paid the semi-ridiculous full price for it?  I wasn't predicting it would go on sale within five days, as did the Mushroom Picking Chemise. So I got an amazing price adjustment even though I was on RA duty and couldn't come into the store because their customer service is awesome.  And now it's sold out!  So instead of feeling dumb, I feel preeeeeetty smart. Yesssss.

♥ I've become slightly obsessed with the blog Eighteenth Century Sluts.  It's so bizarre and hilarious.  Just to give you a taste of what it's like, here are three of my favorite recent posts.
Haaaa.  I've got the giggles even posting these.

♥ I have been making stuff in lieu of packing!  Now in the etsy shop:  two cards and two notebooks.  I have a zillion more cards that will get put up in the next few days, but I'm excited about them.  I'm so pleased with how everything is looking!
I'm especially in love with this notebook...
Alriiiiiight, I guess I should go shove stuff in suitcases.  I'm planning on having one suitcase and one garment bag for clothing, and one suitcase of craft supplies.  That's normal, right?

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