Friday, February 24, 2012

fill-in-the-blank friday

Lauren, who usually provides the weekly blanks, just had a lovely daughter named Fern and is spending some time with her this week.  So this week's blanks are from here!

1. My favorite article of clothing is either my Lepidoptera Dress, my Braided Toggle Sweatercoat, or my Mushroom Picking Chemise (all from Anthropologie).

2. My favorite meal or dish from childhood is quiche lorraine-- my mom makes the most delicious one ever, ever, ever.  It's incredibly good.  

3. If money was no object, I would take a long weekend in Boston, if we're being practical, or Venice or Montmartre if practicality isn't an issue.  

4. I feel healthy every time I eat apples!  But only some apples.  I am verrrry particular with the apples.  I like Pink Lady apples, and I like when they're cold.  I also feel healthy and happy after my nightly cup of before-bed tea.

5. My favorite song is 'Slow Show' by The National because it's simple and honest and vulnerable and beautiful.  
I've posted it before buuuuut here it is again.

6. If climate wasn't an issue I would grow lots and lots of flowers... unfortunately, my dorm doesn't have so much as a windowbox.  But I would grow primroses and daffodils and pansies and roses.

7. My favorite hobby is craft-making because it's relaxing and at the end you have a cute new thing!  ...To be honest, part of the reason I have an etsy shop is because I love making crafts but I couldn't possibly keep everything I make.

8. As a kid, my favorite Halloween candy was Reese's Cups.  Chocolate and peanut butter, a truly divine combination.  I was never a fan of the SweetTarts and Laffy Taffy (ew) and Pixie Sticks and that sort of artificial stuff.  Although I did like Smarties because they were pretty and pastel and I liked sorting them by color.  They also made excellent little dollhouse cakes.

9. One thing I know I'm really good at is giving presents.  I really, really like coming up with something that the recipient will love and will know was created or chosen specifically with them in mind.

10. My favorite dish or mug is ....oh boy.  I have a lot of mugs.  
My collection has actually grown since that photo, and I have specific uses for each mug.  The floral one on the front right is excellent for cereal or soup, my 'j' mug is perfect for cold water or milk because it's a bit thin and gets too hot with get the idea.

Hope everyone's week is coming to a relaxing end!


  1. this is so cute! I love those bunnies!

    found the route

    1. Thank you Kim! Isn't that the cutest illustration?


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