Wednesday, May 16, 2012

leather and gingham and ribbons, oh my!

Today I turned in my last garment of my FIT career!
This is the dress for my leather class that I mentioned yesterday.  
The bodice is a beautiful, soft, deep brown leather, and the skirt is cranberry and white gingham seersucker cotton.  It has an exposed gold zipper down the front, with cranberry zipper tapes, and the straps are looped through gold grommets.

The back of the dress has cute bows where the straps loop through the grommets.

This is one of my favorite garments I've made this semester-- it's very comfortable to wear, and since the skirt is so full (160 inches at the hem!) and is supported by a separate crinoline, it moves in a fun, flirty way.  When I run down the millions of escalators at FIT, it billows a bit, fulfilling one of my life-long goals...

...running/gliding down stairs like Cinderella.

In other news, even though there won't be any new school garments to show, I'll have something exciting to share with you after tomorrow afternoon.  Yay!  In addition, my b-e-a-utiful cousin Kaleigh has agreed to model my garments for me, so there will be some pretty pictures coming soon-- I found the perfect place for the photoshoot, I'm really excited about it.
I'm so mysterious today!  But not to worry.  All will be reveeeealed.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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