Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Last Friday, after my last final exam ever, I went for a celebratory walk on The High Line.  
High Line

High Line

High Line

High Line

High Line

High Line

Today I'm graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology.  It's a weird feeling.  I'm excited, of course, it's a milestone and graduating from my dream school is surreal.  But knowing that my dad and my grandmother, two people who I never imagined this happening without, won't be there is giving me a knot in my stomach and a lump in my throat.  Late last night I was imagining what graduation would be like, and without even thinking about it, I was picturing my dad's proud, beaming face as he saw me for the first time as a college graduate.  I think that's why graduation feels a little...anti-climactic.  Knowing that no matter how wonderful it is, and how excited I am to move into the next stage of my life, my dad won't be there holding flowers after the ceremony.  It's a reality I wasn't ready to face quite yet.  But all I can do is make the best of it.

So this is the end of the hardest, most stressful, most transformational, and most rewarding four years of my life.

On to the next  adventure.


  1. Best of luck in all you do... And sorry this milestone is so bittersweet for you.... Can't wait to blog about YOU when you're a bug famous designer!



    1. Thank you so much Miss Jenny! That is so sweet of you. Love your blig-- I mean blog-- by the way! :)

      xo Julie


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