Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the wayside inn

longfellow's wayside inn sign
     A few weekends ago, my mom and I headed up to The Wayside Inn, in Sudbury, Massachusetts-- the same Wayside Inn that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote about in his famous Tales of a Wayside Inn.  We were there for the Sudbury Colonial Faire, a fife and drum muster that also has a full-blown colonial gathering with period-appropriate dancing, food, and crafts.

longfellow wayside inn bust stone statue
the man of the hour himself
revolutionary war reenactment colonial
     There was also a reenactment of a Revolutionary War skirmish-- it was pretty intense.  I was standing near a little boy and his dad, and the father kept trying to explain what was happening in a historically unbiased manner, which doesn't necessarily compute with a four-year-old who's used to having clearly defined 'good guys' and 'bad guys.'  

church weathervane gold
I really like weathervanes-- there were some beautiful ones around The Wayside Inn.  This one was on top of a church.

bridge in the forest fairytale
this little pathway looked completely untouched by time, it was like something out of a fairytale.
antique barn red

revolutionary war reenactment british redcoats
did I mention that there were a lot of guys firing muskets?  well, there were a whole lot of guys firing a whole lot of muskets.

dreamy stone wall forest autumn
I love old stone walls-- I love imagining how many people in different time periods touched this one as they were out for a walk in the woods.

yellow gold berries dew
these golden berries were growing everywhere.

feather weathervane
This is one of my favorite weathervanes ever-- simple and clean and pretty.

ancient mariners walking fife and drum wayside inn longfellow
heading to the parade-- I've gotta hand it to this guy for marching barefoot, because it was not a warm day.
I hope you've enjoyed a peek into my trip to The Wayside Inn!


  1. Ah I too love old stone walls, I think that it would be a pain to build one but so worth it (well, it may have to be visible from a window or two to really be worth it). Truly lovely photos! I haven't seen much of Eastern Mass (other than Boston) really only Western. When I lived in Northampton I loved getting to visit the Berkshires, especially the Hancock Shaker Village (and if we are as similar as I think we are, you would LOVE it). You have definitely made me miss the New England!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliments on the photos, I'm so glad you like them. I googled the Hancock Shaker Village and it looks like such a beautiful and interesting place! That round stone building is gorgeous. I hope you get to see New England again soon!

  2. I'm going to pull up this post with your gorgeous photos the next time anyone asks me why I never want to move out of New England.

    1. That's so sweet, thank you so much! It's such a beautiful place-- I was just lucky enough to be there with a camera.


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