Thursday, October 11, 2012

wednesdays are the best days.

crows in tree
This Wednesday was chilly and gray.

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So I bundled up in my coziest sweater...

sidewalk leaves fall autumn
...and I walked to my local yarn shop for the weekly knitting group!

rowan lace yarn the gentle arts
It's such a warm, inviting place to be on a cold day-- both from the yarn and from the owners and other knitters who braved the cold to get there.

blue yarn the gentle arts
I was there from eleven to five-- at half past one, we all ordered soup from a nearby café and put down our knitting needles for a lunch break!

yarn sheep the gentle arts
...this sheep looks like it might be having a lunch break, too.

louisa harding yarn the gentle arts
This is new yarn from one of my favorite yarn designers, Louisa Harding.  Her colors are always so beautiful.

yellow orange fall autumn leaves
After a wonderful day, I packed up my knitting bag and headed home.

It was just perfect.
I can't wait until next Wednesday!

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