Saturday, March 5, 2011

some days are just perfect

So today, I went to one of my favorite cafès / coffee shops in New York, 'sNice on West 4th Street and 8th Avenue.  I just couldn't take another day of being holed up in my room, not having any contact with other people.  And I thought a change in environment might make me more productive.  It worked!  I got so much done today that I can work for a few more hours and then go to bed early and still be ahead of where I planned to be by the end of today.  Yay!

If you're in the New York City area and haven't visited 'sNice, you should check it out!  It's a very relaxed atmosphere, with a really good vegetarian menu.  Since I got there around eleven-thirty or so, I was feeling brunch-y and had a toasted nutella and banana sandwich and lots of chamomile tea, both of which were incredibly delicious.  They serve tea in tall, substantial-feeling glasses, which I love love love.  I also love that there are big wooden tables for people who are on laptops, which helps to avoid that awkward situation of taking up an entire small table by yourself and trying not to make eye contact when people come in and can't find any other seats.

So anyway!  I happened to sit across from a fantastically attractive man at one of these communal tables-- for about six hours.  And I got so much work done!  From this we can deduce several things:

  1. I am much better and faster at doing my homework when there is a gorgeous man near-by.

  2. I am doing homework pretty much all the time.

  3. Thus, I should be surrounded by gorgeous men at all times.

Makes perfect sense to me.

I've been alluding to a major project that everyone in my semester has to do, which is what I was working on today in between eye-flirting and sipping tea.  Here's a sneak peek at a little of it!

♥Yay for Saturdays!♥


  1. Gorgeous men make everything better!

    I had a guy come into work today. He was probably about 45ish, (just how we like 'um, aye?) and he had black hair but was greying a little around the edges and HE WAS SO ATTRACTIVE. I did my best to wipe up the drool after he left.

  2. That sounds almost exactly like the guy who was across from me today! (We really are a bit creepy with that...we're like the opposite of dirty old men. I.e. dirty young women.) But it's not our fault they're so attractive...

  3. [...] 6.  My weekend will be spent: doing homework, mostly.  I’m on RA duty tonight, so I’m staying in to do some tidying up and watching movies.  …Okay, who am I kidding, I’m going to do all that, but I’m also going to work on my outerwear project.  Which is fine, because I’m really excited to have some time to devote to it.  It’s been treated like the metaphoric red-headed-project-stepchild with all the other work I’ve had lately (and no offense meant to actual red-headed-stepchildren).  I’d like to have another cafè day soon, too, so if I get enough done tonight, I’ll do that tomorrow.  And not just in hopes of running into this man. [...]


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