Monday, March 21, 2011


I seem to be in an acquisition phase.  One of my favorite bloggers/podcasters/people-in-general, who went by Violet on the now-defunct knitting podcast Lime & Violet, expressed a theory once that it's possible to go in phases of acquiring and getting rid of things, and I think I'm in the throes of that.  From fall into winter, I hardly bought anything at all, and almost no clothing.  But lately... oh, lately there are just so many things I want.  I already mentioned the De Chelley sundress I recently bought from Anthropologie, but there are just so many pretty Anthropologie dresses that I want at the moment...For instance,

Tuileries Dress

Flounced Mocha Dress

Around the Maypole Dress

and in the non-dress category...

Recall the Willow Cardigan

Radler Blouse

(I think the Radler Blouse might be what I'm coveting most of all.  It's just soooo pretty!)

Wispy Cirrus Blouse

I think part of why I'm suddenly craving soft, summery prettiness is because I'm so much less stressed than usual, and thus getting excited for walks in Central Park and along the High Line.  I have vast amounts of schoolwork, as per usual, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to be overly anxious about it.  Around this time last year was one of the worst times of my entire life, I was really stressed out and depressed, and I reached the lowest low that I think I ever will.  I was sick constantly, too.  Even though I still get overwhelmed with the amount of schoolwork I have to do, I approach it differently now.  It's no longer a matter of life and death whether every single stitch of a garment is perfect, or if an illustration's pinkie finger is off-kilter by 1/32nd of an inch.  My work still means a lot to me, and I strive to make it as close as possible to the way I envisioned it looking when finished, but getting stressed out to the point that I was last year just isn't a viable option for me.  I'm certainly not more productive when I'm like that.  Instead, I've figured out that I work best when my mind is occupied by an audiobook, so that I don't over-analyze every little detail of a drawing.  I've also taken to bringing my art stuff over to 'Snice and working there while sipping tea-- that way, my bed isn't singing its siren-song of "Naptime... Naaaaaaaptiiiiiime...."  That sneaky bed.

Being less stressed has had some definite physical effects, too.  As I mentioned earlier, I was sick almost constantly last year, once with a flu that nobody could figure out what exactly it was. So that was reassuring.  I've had a few minor colds this year, but nothing major, and definitely nothing that confined me to my bed for a week like the mystery-flu.  Seriously-- that involved actually being seen in sweatpants in the lobby of my building, for the first, last, and only time.  I have time to exercise again, too, and I'm sleeping much better because then my body is as tired as my brain when I go to bed.  Yay!!!

Update! Something exciting has happened since I first started writing this!  But it's already getting to be an unmanageably long post, and I want to do a separate exciting-thing-post.  Wheeeeee!

Stay warm and dry in this icky weather, lovelies!




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