Friday, September 2, 2011

friday, friday (we so excited)

Today was one of those day that I just want to be able to rewind and live over and over indefinitely, it was that good.  I spent my morning at S'nice, drinking mint tea and doing homework for my art history class.  The first two songs that came on when I was there were 'My Girl' and 'Brown-Eyed Girl,' songs which I used to pester my dad to play whenever he had his guitar out.  I've been feeling more hurt and confused about losing him in the last week or so, and hearing those songs felt like a...reassurance.  Just sitting in a café with tea and a textbook was the most peaceful I've felt since coming back to New York.

While I was there, I discovered the GPS app on my phone.  I know I'm pretty much the last person on earth to discover this phenomenon, but it is waaaay cool.  One of the main reasons I switched from my Razr (mmhm, remember those?  Current circa 2004?) to a BlackBerry is because I have an abominable sense of direction, which I've only recently acknowledged.  I never used to look up directions to places because I'd think, "Naaaah, I know where that is!"  And then my mom would get the inevitable call asking her to look up directions while I was wandering around getting progressively more frustrated and baffled.  So anyway, one of the reasons I got my BB was so I could look up my own directions.  Long story short, I navigated my way over to Kate's Paperie and gave myself a present for doing well my first week of school.  (Actually, I'm not sure it's possible not to do well the first week, you basically just have to show up.  But whatever, not the point.)

They're two of these gorgeous recycled leather notebooks.  I love them so much.  I keep moving them around my room so I can see how they look on my desk, on my bed, on my big blue chair as though I ever-so-casually left them there after writing something witty and charming, etc.  Mine are the unlined ones, and the paper is thick and ivory and lovvvvvely.  Is there anything more inspiring than a blank notebook?  There's so much potential.

happy friday, lovelies!

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  1. OOH! Love the books. I also prefer unlined. Better to doodle a character on the page. Glad to see you're enjoying school. BTW, I LOVE your room. :)


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