Thursday, September 1, 2011

museum of natural history pt. 4

Hi lovelies!  Last part of the photos from my Museum of Natural History trip last week: finished gems.

This was one of my favorite parts of the museum.  Not just because I'm a girl and thus have a bit of an 'ooooh, sparkly!' magpie-style reaction to shiny things, either.  In a time where everything is digitally enhanced, it was way cool to be reminded that there are such pure, saturated, clear colors that occur naturally.

Also, I had a really good first week of school!  I can't believe I'm a senior in college...eek!  My mom sent me a really sweet first-day-of-school email on Tuesday, and all my classes have been interesting and fun.  Instead of getting overwhelmed by the huge variety of things that I need to learn and do for my classes, I'm going to try to think of it as pursuing a bunch of interests.  I'm kind of realizing that this is the last time in my life where all I need to do is show up, learn, and create, and I want to take full advantage of that.  How was your first week, lovelies?

bonne nuit, mes amis belle!

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