Thursday, September 8, 2011

truly lovely ♥

Remember how I was planning to go to the Chelsea Market Anthropologie to see A Fine Frenzy play for Fashion's Night Out?

Well.... I did!  It was such an awesome experience.  Alison Sudol is incredibly talented and cute as a button.  She exudes so much joy and enthusiasm.  I saw her second show of the evening, bu she still had so much energy and seemed genuinely happy and excited to be performing and to see everyone who came out to hear her.  She sounds amazing like, too, she's this slim, ethereal girl and then she starts singing, and it's so powerful that you kinda go, 'whoa, where does she even fit that much voice?'

I actually felt myself getting a little emotional a few times.  Music is strange in that way, that the sound of resonating vibrations can make you feel so much.  Maybe it's like with glass or crystal-- when the frequency of the music matches your own private frequency, it resonates deeper and deeper until you shatter.  And I'm sure some of that emotion came from meeting (yes, meeting!  I got to meet her!) someone that I often imagine when I'm designing, because she's so full of life and joy and curiosity and empathy and sweetness, everything I try to convey in my designs and illustrations.  It was truly like getting to meet a muse.  And she was so gracious and sweet while she was chatting and taking photos with fans after her set.

It was just such a special experience, and I'm so grateful to have been there.

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