Thursday, September 22, 2011

things I hate.

Ok, maybe hate is a bit strong.  But I mostly post about things I like (flowers, yarn, art, etc.), so here are some things I really really really don't like.

  • squeaky chairs.  And I feel like I choose them inordinately often.

  • crowds.

  • onions

  • that pokey part when you go too long without sharpening your eyeliner properly.

  • when people can't discuss their religious or philosophical views at all without getting really defensive about it.  I asked, 'why do you believe _______', not 'why do you believe _______ because boy is it WRONG!'  Sheesh.  Conversely, it also bugs me when people think that their religion is the only one with any merit.

  • the way the bubbles in soda make my nose tickle.

let's hope I can avoid all of these things in the next few days.

the end.

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