Wednesday, November 16, 2011

i ♥ netflix 3

It's that special time of the semester-- that time when I'm at my desk more than I'm in my bed, my hair is permanently in a bun, and my hands are consistently covered in markers and pinpricks.  And that means a whoooole lot of Netflix is being watched in a certain room on the sixth floor.  My latest episode-marathon?  Gossip Girl.  Oh jeez.

I'm on the fourth season of the ridiculous-yet-strangely-addictive series.  The plots are kind of...y'know... completely absurd, but the fashion is usually really, really cute.  I think overall Blair's clothes are my favorite... especially this outfit, her hair here is my holy grail of coiffures and I'm on an A-line dress kick (which I am always on, come to think of it).

I like Jenny's style from the first season, too... her green Valentino coat is so, so cute.

look at the flowers!  a peter pan collar covered in flowers.  what's not to love?

This blue coat is adorable too... the quilted yoke is a nice detail.  But I will never understand why it was necessary to turn Jenny into a moping super-goth.  I mean, I know that Taylor Momsen is all about the black eyeliner and the leather leggings, but...I dunno.  I always think it's a mistake to change a character to mimic the style and personality of the actress, because in that case, where is the acting?  Or maybe I'm just bitter over the loss of the possibility of several hundred more pastel ensembles.

And then we have the dialogue... some of my favorite oft-repeated lines?

  • "It's like I don't even know you anymore!"

  • "I'm not a little girl anymore!"

  • "This means war!"

  • "I will destroy you!"

Ha.  What a riot.  While often ridiculous, the show is apparently compelling because.... I have it on right now, as I'm typing this.  It's my escapist, not-so-secret shame.

What's your television guilty pleasure?  Because I only have 14 episodes left.

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