Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2:17 a.m., we meet again.

But this time we're meeting on my terms.  I've been feeling a little burned-out with school lately, but seeing Marissa this weekend and knowing that next Tuesday I'm going home to see my family, along with being really excited about the project I'm working on at the moment (a red and white gingham bikini with lots of ruffles and bows, for my swimwear class), all of that inspired me to really get stuff done before break, and not to leave anything until the last minute.  So, I stayed up to work on the bikini, and I'm almost done with it, and I'm sooooo pleased with how it's looking.  It's due Friday, so I'll post pictures then.  I didn't expect to like designing swimwear nearly this much, but I'm actually considering it as a possible field to go into, because I really love it.  I love the possibilities for it, and that swimwear can have the girliness of lingerie mixed with the functionality of activewear, and there are so many ways to make it interesting and cheeky and fun.  Being inspired is such a good feeling.  And I think this song sums it up pretty well. (except that I can't embed it here because EMI is pretty strict about that.  boooooo.  I promise it's worth it to click over to youtube.)


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