Thursday, April 7, 2011

yoga clothes (that I made!)

Hi there lovelies!  Just some photos of the top, pants, and sports bra for yoga that I made for my activewear design class.  Pretty please pardon the photo quality, I forgot to bring my camera, so these were taken from my blackberry and I haven't yet mastered the art of taking good pictures with it.

The top and pants are made from bamboo jersey, and the pants have little hidden button-tabs near the bottom, so that they can be work either cropped (like the left leg) or full length (like the right leg).

The double racer-back of the top over the sports bra-- the sports bra is mostly spandex, with mesh inserts in the front and wrapping around the sides to keep the wearer feeling cool and dry.  (Except when it's on the dressform, she doesn't really have to worry about that.)

♥Happy Thursday!♥

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