Tuesday, April 5, 2011

flounced mocha

Today I was going through my google reader subscriptions when I came across a mention of items going on sale at Anthropologie today, and I thought I'd hop over to anthropologie.com and see what was new, just out of curiousity.  And lo and behold...

...the Flounced Mocha Dress had gone on sale!

This was one of the dresses I mentioned as being on my Anthropologie wishlist and I wasn't really expecting it to make it to sale.  I walked very fast (just this side of running, actually) over to my favorite Anthropologie, at Chelsea Market, and to my delight, I spotted the Flounced Mocha dresses right away.  It's even cuter in person.  But when I tried it on, the reason for this lovely dress making it to the sale rack was apparent.  You can't really tell from this photo, but there is a LOT of fabric in this dress.  But I've never been one to shy away from a swing-cut.  However, the neckline is uncomfortably high-- generally, with very flared dresses, I like the neckline to be a bit lower, to balance out everything going on on the bottom.  Especially with this dress, with the bow at the neck, it really does need to be a bit lower.  Not a big problem for me, though, because the way the dress is constructed, I'll be able to lower it between an inch and a half and two inches without any problem.  I'll probably take the waist in a little, too, because a belt can only cinch in so much of the very twirly skirt.

So, after all that, this dress did end up coming home with me, and I'm so glad.  Yay!  While it does need a few changes to be at its most flattering, the color is gorgeous, and the idea is really cute.  I'll post some photos after I do a little work on it.

Have you found anything you love recently?



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