Sunday, June 26, 2011

trust30 project: day 15

I came across a pattern for a crocheted flower about a year ago, and it was everything I look for in a crocheted flower (yes, I do have criteria for that).  It's not too cartoon-ish looking, it's not part of a granny square, it only takes a few minutes to make one... I really, really wanted to make a blanket of them, a blanket that I could take with me when I have my first real non-school apartment, and maybe even my little dream-cottage, eventually.  But it always seemed like a project that was too big-- each flower is only an inch and a half in diameter, and I'd like to have a blanket be the same size as my comforter-- 86"x86".  As much as it pains me to actually do the math, that means I'd have to crochet 3,268 flowers.  Which is crazy!  It would take too much time, and too much yarn, and...

...and I have ten flowers done.  Only 3,258 to go!


  1. Do you know why I took simple joy in your post, Julie? Because it is so joyously simple. One flower at a time, getting better and better at making them, enjoying the process, slipping into a "creative zone," and all of a sudden, a thousand done... two thousand...3,268 and then putting it all together.

    That quilt will mean more to you once finished than any money could ever buy. Isn't that a wonderful feeling?


  2. [...] I just realized I never posted pictures of… those will be up later in the week), and so the Field of Flowers blanket [...]

  3. That's so true-- it's definitely all about the process. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


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